Looking For a Trusted Tree Professional?

Sand Lake Tree LLC serves the Columbia, Aberdeen and surrounding areas.

Tall trees and trees hanging over structures create unique challenges. That's why you'll need an experienced professional to remove your unwanted trees safely.

Andrew, the owner of Sand Lake Tree LLC, with over 20 years of experience, will be able to answer your tree related questions and help with tree problems.

Reach out to Andrew by calling 605-380-5562. Sand Lake Tree LLC currently offers free bids.

Serving a wide range of customers

Wondering if we can handle your tree removal job? Short answer: yes we can. Typically Sand Lake Tree LLC get the HARD jobs that other tree companies aren't able to do. With the experience and equipment to remove trees in really bad locations. We take on both residential and commercial projects. We can remove 1 tree or 100 trees.

Even if you are a tree company with smaller capacities, you can hire us to cut the tree(s) down to the size you can handle.

With our 106 foot height bucket truck and its 700 pound weight capacity, we can lift up two people and tools/supplies for that unique project you may have.

From reaching that last bit of the barn for painting, putting up some roofing/ siding that blew off the elevator/ leg, replacing a wind sock at the farm, changing a light bulb at the baseball diamond or helping put up or remove a tower-- WE CAN HELP!

Sand Lake Tree regularly travels up to 100 miles from our office but can accommodate special requests and there will be an over the phone deposit required.

We work in South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

Meeting your tree removal needs

When you have a tree that needs to go, you can count on us. Sand Lake Tree LLC offers:

  • Complete tree removal - bucket truck removal, tree debris hauling, stump grinding, cleanup and hauling dirt for filling in the hole left from stump removal.
  • Work at height- If you need a lift for a project, give us a call! Sand Lake Tree LLC has tools available that can make for a faster completion time. Andrew, the company owner, has years of experience and a wealth of mechanical skills that would be valuable for you to have on a job site. 
  • Crane services - Sand Lake Tree LLC has a JLG 1250 truck mounted crane. Maximum height of 95 feet and 25,000 pounds. With reaching over obstacles, our load chart will be around 2,000 - 5,000 pounds but the closer we can be, the more weight is added. We can generally mobilize fast. We can help with lifting rafters, grain bins and auger tubes. 



Accepting major credit cards